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AS OF 2/22/21 AT 6:00 AM
Check the zone map on for a detailed Fond Du Lac County zone map.
Updated 3.10.21

Sno-Odders Minutes for April 1, 2021

Meeting was called to order at 7:09 p.m. with 14 members present.
March minutes were read and approved. Glenn/Tami 

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer’s report was read and approved. Greg/Mindy

FDL County News:
The next County meeting, and last meeting of the season, is April 13, 7:30 pm at Marghaels in Van Dyne.

No Update

Old Business
Map holder collection – we have picked up the maps and holders from Log Cabin and Citgo.  If anyone dropped off map holders at any other places, please pick them up.  We are thinking there are some at Tigers, Jaspers and Walkers yet.  If you are out and about and see one, please grab it and get the money and holder to Pat. 

Landowner gift certificate and collection – If you are out at any of the establishments on the certificate (Jaspers, Generations, Log Cabin, Tigers, Walkers and Vines and Rushes) please collect and pay for them.  You can turn them in to Pat or Nicole and get reimbursed.

Rail crossing by Speed Queen – We have a member checking on it to see if we can re-route through the parking lot.

Eldorado Trail – Kyle told Westshore that they can have it.  We are not going to do it anymore.

Equipment Upgrade – Pat will check this summer on leasing and/or purchasing and bring the numbers to the first meeting in the fall.  If anyone finds anything that they think might interest us, please bring the information to the first fall meeting or get in touch with Pat.

Zone 1 Change – They are working on the map and going to be changing zone 1.  The County will be discussing it at the next meeting.  It looks like it is going to be changing from Zone 1 to Zone 1 East and Zone 1 West.

Trail Report
Please remove signs as conditions allow.

Enter hours in SNARS ASAP!  If you need help, please contact Pat or Randy and they can add it for you. 


Grooming Committee Report
End of season groomer maintenance – Pat started on the groomer maintenance and got the engine oil changed but there is still more to do.  Pat has all of the parts; we just need volunteers to help with the labor.  If you have some spare time and would like to help, just let Pat or Kyle know.   

New Business
2021-2022 Dues – We decided to keep the dues the same as they currently are - $30 Family and $20 Single.  We are also going to keep the youth membership motion that we made at the beginning of the year which was to cover any youth’s membership ages 12-21 that wish to be part of our Club that are not included in a Family membership. 

Elections were held for the 2021-2022 Season – Congratulations to the following members:
President - Pat Conlon; Vice President - Kyle Gellings; Treasurer - Nicole Desten; Secretary – Mindy Gellings; 2 year Director – Jon Gunnick; 1 year Director – Mitch Perr, 1 year Director – Rusty Slattery; Trail Boss – John Perr; Membership Chair – Tami Conlon.

Parade?  Would anyone be interested in doing a float or something for RiponFest or any parades in the area?  Motion was made that if there were an event that we would like to participate in the club will put $200 towards that. Randy/Glenn

Thank you to all officers, volunteers, and groomer operators.  We had a good year!

Next meeting will be in September or October.  Have a wonderful Summer everyone!

Meeting was adjourned at 8:19 p.m. Rusty/Glenn

Thanks to PC Powercenter for hosting the April meeting – Thanks Pat!

Respectfully Submitted by Mindy Gellings



Landowners Easement Letter

Multi-Use Trail Funding Sign

Trail Section Leader Contact


Email Us @:

Contact Information

President – Pat Conlon

Vice President – Kyle Gellings

Treasurer – Nicole Desten

Secretary – Mindy Gellings

Trail Boss: John Perr

One year director, Rusty Slattery

Two year director, Jon Gunnick

One year director, Mitch Perr

Membership Chair, Tami Conlon


Questions can be directed to Pat or Tami Conlon 920-748-2946.

Dues will also be collected.
Silver Creek Sno-Odders Membership Form

Press Release Facts about Snowmobiling

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Fond du Lac 2020 Meeting Minutes

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