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Silver Creek Sno-Odders

Check the zone map on for a detailed Fond Du Lac County zone map.
Updated 3.3.2023

Sno-Odders Minutes for March 2, 2023
Call to order @ 7:13 pm
February Minutes. Denny/Pat
Treasurer's report: Given by Dave. John P/Dana
Fdl County News

Next county meeting at The Club House in Mt Calvary March 14, 2023

We are 63% on total contract amount of $99,835 as a county.

FDL County is looking for ideas to gain, retain young adult and youth members. They will be discussing this at the next meeting & are looking for ideas. (One idea – send an actual FB invite with picture, etc.)
Awsc News
‐ Reminder to enter all of your information into SNARS – DEADLINE APRIL 1st

‐ Convention is March 24‐26 in Green Bay at the Raddison
Trail report

Trails are closed

Trails have been open for 6 days so far this season

SNARS already Approved $3204 • $2371 in approved maintenance. $5575 out of $9,000

Old Business

Groomer status – Thank you to Ron for installing new window. Thank you to Greg, Dave, Kyle, Pat, & Denny for grooming!! You are appreciated.

There is a cleat broken that will need to be repaired.

Fundraiser Report(s) – Vintage Ride: $1,152.00 (50/50=approx. $900. We got $450.) Kyle donated a Milwaukee Light – we are selling tickets for this item and winner will be drawn on April 8th. Helmet Lights – might be a separate ticket sale.

April 8th event: Really need donations for PADDLE RAFFLES and get the word out and the flyers. Paddle raffles need whiskey, vodka, liquor, etc. Anything is appreciated!!

Baskets – Any baskets are welcome.

Post about event on the night before as a reminder for your family & friends. Last minute reminders are great.

We also need helpers for the day of. If you are interested, please contact Dana or Tami.

Bring items to Pat's so we have an idea of what we have.

Thank you to all that helped at the vintage event.


New Business

Tucker transport reimbursement (1.75 hours, 10 gal of diesel) Dave/Denny motion to give Brendan Conlon $200.00 for reimbursement.

Next meeting
April 6 @ Tiger's

Adjournment – Rusty/Dave

Respectfully Submitted by Tami Conlon


Landowners Easement Letter

Multi-Use Trail Funding Sign

Trail Section Leader Contact


Email Us @:

Contact Information

President – Evan Conlon

Vice President – Dexten Hielke

Treasurer – Nicole Desten

Secretary – Mindy Gellings

Trail Boss: Mitch Perr

Two year director, Rusty Slattery

Two year director, Jon Gunnick

One year director, Pat Conlon

One year director, Kyle Gelling

Membership Chair, Tami Conlon


Questions can be directed to Pat or Tami Conlon 920-748-2946.

Dues will also be collected.
Silver Creek Sno-Odders Membership Form

Press Release Facts about Snowmobiling

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Fond du Lac 2022 Meeting Minutes

Trail Pass Flyer

Order Form for SCSO Clothing

Village of Fairwater Snowmobile Ordinance

Rosendale Snowmobile Ordinance


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