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Sno‐Odders Minutes for April 5, 2018
Meeting was called to order at 6:54p.m. with 18 members present.
February minutes were read and approved (No meeting for March – cancelled) Janice/Tami
Treasurer's Report:
Treasurers Report was read and approved. Glenn/Dennis
FDL County News:
The next meeting will be April 10th at 7:30pm at Marghaels in Fond du Lac.
SNARS deadline is 4/15/18 – We are one of the few clubs that has our trails GPS'd. Please make sure to get all of your hours entered into the system this week or let Pat and/or Randy Brown know if you can't get your hours entered.
March convention update: Tami attended the convention. She gave an update on what she learned when she was there. Next year will be their 50th year so a big party is being planned for that. Thank you to Tami for attending.
The next workshop will be October 26‐28th at Chula Vista.
KAOS Update: Evan gave an update on the program and thanked us for our donation. There will be a camping trip in August and they are looking for a place to go for that. They are also looking for a place to hold their fall leadership event. They would like the places to be centrally located so that all of the kids that participate can get there. If you know of any places that might work, please let Pat or Evan know.
Old Business
Thank you to Joe Hollatz for building and installing the new Tucker track when it broke down.
Thank you to John Hollatz for transporting the Tucker.

Trail Report
Please get your signs removed ASAP.
We are looking for trail section leaders for the 2018‐19 season and for help with marking our trails. If you are interested in taking over a trail, please get a hold of Pat or Denny. If you would like to take care of the trail from Picket to Shorties, please let Pat or Denny know. If you need help with your section, please give Pat a call and he will get volunteers to help you.


New Business
Thank you's: We discussed what we should do for the landowners gifts this year. Motion was made to do the same thing as last year by giving gift certificates to some of the businesses that are on our trail system. Jeff/Glenn
Motion was also made to give Hillside Church a donation of $25 to put towards their youth program. Jeff/Rich

Motion was made to pay Terry Fude $100 as a thank you for doing our website. Jeff/Dexten
Motion was made to give Larry Beier a gift card to Ripon Family Restaurant for donating a fuel cart to us this winter. Jeff/Sue
New bridge and corridor 30 re‐route – the City of Ripon wants to put up a bridge between Cty FF and Meade St. Pat is working with them to see if this will be possible and how it will be paid for. We will also be re‐routing corridor 30. Our re‐route of corridor 30 was approved to run through Murray Park and Meade Street.
There are poles at the plaza bowl that need to get picked up and moved. They are long telephone poles that were delivered for some work being done there and they will need to be moved. If you have anything that can move something that long, please let Pat know.
Map Board – No one was present to give an update on the board, but it is finished and we need to get it put out.
Rebar – we have rebar, we just need someone to weld some studs onto it. Jeff B's dad will do this for us.
Shed organization and repair – The shed needs to get organized and cleaned up. If anyone wants to tidy it up please feel free.
Elections were held and the following are the positions for the 2018‐19 snowmobile season.
President‐Pat Conlon; Vice President – Kyle Gellings; Secretary – Mindy Gellings; Treasurer – Nicole Desten; One Year Director – Randy Brown; One Year Director – Greg Peterson; Membership Chair – Tami Conlon; Trail Boss – Dennis Hilke. Seth Muskavitch has 1 year left as a 2‐year Director. Congratulations to all who were elected!
Thank you to Millers for hosting the April Meeting – Have a good Summer!!!
Comments/Questions/Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 Dex/Jeff
Respectfully Submitted by Mindy Gellings

Bring a friend and your dues.

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Contact Information

President – Pat Conlon

Vice President – Kyle Gellings

Treasurer – Nicole Desten

Secretary – Mindy Gelling

Trail Boss:Dennis Hielke

One year director, Randy Brown

Two year director, Greg Peterson

Two year director, Seth Muskavitch

Membership Chair, Tami Conlon


Questions can be directed to Pat or Tami Conlon 920-748-2946.

Dues will also be collected.

Silver Creek Sno-Odders Membership Form

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