Volume 10, Issue 4       April 2017


Sno-Odders Minutes for November 2, 2017
Meeting called to order at 6:42p.m. with 14 members present.
October minutes were read and approved.   Dennis/Sue

Treasurer’s Report:   
Treasurers Report was read and approved.  Greg/Dennis

FDL County News:
County Ride will be January 20th, 2018, and is sponsored by the Brandon Sno-Cubs.

The Banquet will be November 11th.  Please RSVP by November 8th by emailing Pat if you are interested in attending. 

Next meeting is November 14 at Pro Motorsports.

The deductible for the West Bend Mutual Insurance for equipment will be increased automatically to $1000 (it used to be $500)

Workshop was Oct 27-29th and Randy Brown attended to learn more about the SNARS program.  He gave us a presentation of all of the things that he learned. 

SNARS update – Anyone can go in and view the past history of any club in Wisconsin.  The system is running smoothly and Randy was giving a demonstration to anyone who is interested.  Your time needs to be added to the system as soon as possible after you have done the work hours.  If you have any questions, please let Pat know. 

Email Us @:


Contact Information

President – Pat Conlon

Vice President – Kyle Gellings
Treasurer – Sue Kalupa

Secretary – Mindy Gelling

Trail Boss:Dennis Hielke

One year director, Damon Rudolph
Two year director, Greg Peterson
Two year director, Seth Muskavitch
Membership Chair, Tami Conlon
Website: www.sno-odders.com



Trail Report
open trails
All Trails are currently CLOSED for the Season

Old Business
Groomer repairs update – A couple of our members checked out the groomer and have come up with a plan.  It needs a little bit of maintenance to be done before the season starts.  Does anyone want to be the groomer committee chairperson?  Kyle was nominated, but since he was not in attendance we will check with him by next meeting and see if he will accept the nomination. 

Club Ride – Do we want to form a committee for a club ride? Yes we do and the committee is Tami (chairwoman), Fawn, Mindy and Sue.  We will meet up and decide on where we can go for a club trip once the snow starts to fly. 

Trail Report
If anyone needs help marking their trail, please call Dennis. 

Brushing, marking and bridge repair – How are the trails?  Do they need brushing?  A few people will be doing some checks on the trails and seeing if we need to set up a club brushing day. 

Volunteers to help mark trails are always welcome.  If you would like to help mark a trail, please contact Pat and/or Dennis to sign up.

New Business
Groomer insurance – Do we want insurance on the groomer?  Pat will let the agent know what it is worth and we will get a quote and them we can decide at the next meeting.

Dickens  Christmas – December 2nd is the living window display for the Dickens Christmas.  The theme this year is Hollywood Christmas.  If anyone is interested in participating in the living window Pat has a flyer you can look at. 

NEXT MEETING:  December 7th, 6:30 pm in the lower level of Millers Tavern

Comments/Questions/Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:37.  Sue/Dennis

Respectfully Submitted by Mindy Gellings

Bring a friend and your dues.

Legislation 2017 budget



Questions can be directed to Pat or Tami Conlon 920-748-2946.

Dues will also be collected.

Silver Creek Sno-Odders Membership Form


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Fond du Lac Meeting Minutes

Trail Pass Flyer

Order Form for SCSO Clothing

Village of Fairwater Snowmobile Ordinance